WLC Seeks New Professors

WLC has posted positions for four different departments in order to fill faculty positions on our campus. The School of Business, the School of Professional Communication, the Mathematics Department, and the Sport and Exercise Science Department are all seeking professors. All four positions would be for twelve credits starting next semester.  Dr. Jerralyn Moudry, encourages students to share the posts with people that they know who are qualified.  You can find the posts at  http://www.wlc.edu/Human-Resources/.

These openings come after the additions of Professor Kaitlin Zupan in the Nursing department (starting this semester) and the announcement that Rebecca Lindenberg will begin teaching in the School of Education starting in the fall of 2017. According to Dean Erbe, there are also faculty searches for new professors in the Theology and Chemistry departments.

When asked about any new majors coming to WLC in the future, Dean Erbe continued with, “A few ideas have been shared regarding new majors; however, further research needs to be carried out before we can commit to any of them.Erbe wanted to remind students of the new pharmacy articulation agreement with the Medical College of Wisconsin. He also said, “[The college is] also pursuing additional articulation agreements in other areas.” There is only speculation as to what major or majors that would include.

Campus Safety Encourages Student Involvement

With the start of a new semester, things can get a little crazy, so here’s some things you should know about campus safety.

Student Public Safety is still hiring. You may see us around campus more than you used to, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need more workers. Remember, there’s safety in numbers! If interested, email Anika Petersen at anika.petersen@mail.wlc.edu, or stop by the Student Life office.

Public Safety cannot unlock things for you. Need a door unlocked? While Student Public Safety is here to keep you safe, we unfortunately don’t have keys to any areas that are normally not accessible to students (we don’t have swipe access to any special areas either). To unlock a door, you need the security guards hired by Trinity, which brings me to my next point.

We can, however, call in about concerns. Every pair of students on patrol is required to have walkie-talkie, which we use to radio the security guard on duty for Trinity. If you have a concern, we are more than happy to radio it in for you. Alternatively, you can also call Public Safety at 414-443-8500.

The base/headquarters for both Student Public Safety and Campus Security is located in the bottom level of the REX, next to parking. Remember where you went to get your room key during freshman orientation? That’s the spot.

WLC is not a gated community. Although WLC is located in a relatively great neighborhood, it is still completely possible for anyone to wander through our campus. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, no matter how small, let Student Public Safety or campus security know.

Always lock your doors. Criminal acts on WLC property are rare, but things have been stolen from the dorms in the past.

Burglary was the most common crime on campus according to 2015 statistics. The message? Lock your door, lock your car, and keep your valuables with you. Let’s make 2017 our safest year yet!

Film Crews Capture WLC Experience

On January 26-27, two film crews made an appearance on campus. They filmed in over 25 classrooms, common areas, labs, and athletic facilities, as well as other campus amenities and they interviewed six faculty members and seven students. The crew shot almost non-stop from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days. “Members of the crews have also captured footage at various student life and campus events through the fall semester and in January,” said Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing James Brandt.

Creating content for a new promotional video series developed with CI Design, was the purpose for the extensive filming. “It’s been an exciting project for all of us,” said Curtis Wech, Senior Marketing Specialist. “It isn’t often…that we are able to partner with an agency such as CI Design.”  

While WLC constantly produces new promotional materials for various departments, “the last professionally produced promotional video was the Run With Warriors video… released in 2014,” stated Brandt.

Since July of 2016, they have been working with the outside marketing firm to produce the new content, which will feature a fresh take on the WLC brand. The brand was based on students’ responses to a survey that was completed several years ago. Focus sessions were held to help narrow the focus of the film. The project then  moved from focus sessions to “script edits and aerial drone filming,” explained Wech, then to the two days of major filming.

The videos will be displayed on WLC’s website and social media, used in email marketing and used by the admissions and development teams while visiting high schools and congregations to promote the high-quality academics offered at here at WLC. They should be completed sometime within the next month.

Students Experience Italy with a Literary Lens

During J-Term, I had the opportunity to escape the classroom with Dr. Moldenhauer and ten other students on a study trip to Italy. The two-week mission was to experience Italian literature and art with more than just our eyes, to immerse ourselves in Italian culture and history, to consume copious amounts of gelato and to boldly go places where we had never been. Allow me to provide a brief taste of the experiences that helped make this study trip worth every cent and every second.

As a three credit, special topics literature course, the trip pushed us to learn in more ways than one. Reading Edith Wharton’s “Roman Fever” is an excellent way to learn, but roaming the Roman Coliseum, where the story took place, gave us the chance to hop into the pages themselves and get closer to the work. One day we learned about the trials of artists such as Michelangelo, and the next we could actually see the art they poured their lives into such as Michelangelo’s frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The teaching and learning walked with us wherever we went as we tried to understand Italian culture. The city of Orvieto, where we spent every night, taught us with its people. The people are not in any hurry to get anywhere, yet they possess an energy, a liveliness that runs steadily throughout the day. We learned to eat dinner casually and later in the evening. We joined them on their evening ritual to fill the cobbled streets of the city.

We broadened our vision of the country by traveling to different cities and took pleasure in both what we expected to see, and what we did not expect to see. We rambled the heights of Assisi in a medieval castle before visiting the resting place of St. Francis within a beautiful basilica. Those who could pull their eyes away from the magnificent cathedral of Florence drifted shoulder to shoulder with the customers of an outdoor Italian market. Ancient Rome came back to life as we walked the streets and among the well-preserved buildings of the port of Ostia.

Even two weeks to live and learn in a foreign country is a rewarding experience. Should the opportunity to explore a strange new world arise, don’t pass it up. Go boldly into your next adventure.

Friske Retires

Mel Friske has retired from the Department of Mathematics after serving WLC for 32 years. Friske taught Calculus, Foundations of Mathematics, Introduction to Probability, Introduction to Statistics, Real Analysis, and Complex Analysis over his last few years at the college. He also helped students with the independent studies they would need in order to get into graduate school. Friske taught computer science and physical education classes in his earlier years at WLC as well.

According to Dr. Kristi Meyer, Friske was best known for being the, “quirky math professor,” and for, “working out in the weight room virtually every morning.” Meyer added, “He was also the driving force behind having so many chalkboards in Generac Hall.”

Olya Finnegan, who works as a Research Analyst here at WLC and was a former student of Friske had this to say, “We built the first college website together. He is still one of my best friends. He is my middle son’s godfather; my kids used to beg me to take them to work with me so that they could spend time with Uncle Mel.”

Friske has greatly impacted WLC in all of his years of service to the college. He has affected many people in a variety of ways, and helped shape WLC into what it is today. Although Friske may have left, he will be remembered through the students he helped and the success WLC has accomplished with his help.

WLC Student Art to be Exhibited

One of the many blessings at WLC is the opportunity to enter real world experience while still a student.  For Katlyn Rogers and Lauren Bugenahagen, they will have the opportunity to showcase their artwork in a profession show this coming March.  The exhibition will run from March 25th to April 22nd at the RedLine Milwaukee gallery.  This show is organized and curated by Jamie Bilgo Bruchman, a contact of Professor Kristen Gjerdset.

The show is called “SWAN Day MKE” and seeks to showcase specifically women artists.  The acronym stands for “Support Women Artists Now.”  This art show is part of a larger movement seeking to have ‘SWAN days’ in different communities and support women artists. In short, they are trying to start a new holiday.  For this year, it is March 25th.  To quote the official Women Arts website, the SWAN page, “There have been over 1,500 SWAN Day events in 36 countries in the first nine years of this new holiday.” While many know March and its association with basketball, March is also Women’s History Month, so it is a fitting correlation.    

According the show information packet, this is only the second year for the event, and was received well in 2016 with over 200 people in attendance to the opening reception.  In 2016, 79 works of art were exhibited.

One of the unique features of this exhibition is the desire to showcase women artists of all ages, disciplines and experience levels.  2D and 3D artworks are accepted as long as they meet the size standards (for space reasons).  Even musicians, dancers, and other performance artists are welcome.  Only a 150 slots are open for this show, so it is a first-come-first-serve basis.  The open nature of the exhibit makes it ideal for professors and students alike.  3 women from WLC have been confirmed for participation in this event, one of them being our own Professor Gjerdset.  Lauren Bugenhagen, a junior, was encouraged by Professor Gjerdset to enter the show because for art majors, it is important to exhibit your artwork as much as possible.  A previous participant, she says, “The SWAN Day art show is a really great experience where female artists from all over Milwaukee can feature an art piece depicting something swan related. It’s a nice way to make connections, showcase your own art, and eat some great food while you visit.”

For other students, like Katlyn Rogers who is a senior, she was encouraged because it is good exposure and to her it is important for her resume as a designer.

If students and faculty would like to know more about SWAN Day MKE, they can visit www.facebook.com/swandaymke.  To enter the show, contact Jamie Bilgo Bruchman at swandaymke@gmail.com and check for availability.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Has Arrived and Is Getting Better

After the Milwaukee Bucks’ impressive 118-101 victory over the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers on November 29, head coach Jason Kidd was asked whether forward Giannis Antetokounmpo had “arrived” as a big star in the league.

Kidd had no doubt that Antetokounmpo was already in that category. “I think he’s arrived. He’s been here for now four years. It’s not that he’s arrived…It’s that he is getting better.”

Antetokounmpo’s performance against Cleveland was explosive. He matched his career high in points with 34. To that he added 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals and 2 blocks. For a good portion of that performance he was being guarded by LeBron James, making things all the more impressive.

Many Bucks fans have expected this year to be the coming out party for Antetokounmpo. He’s an athletic specimen who is versatile in so many aspects of the game that he’s fully earned his nickname of “The Greek Freak.” He’s already been in the running for most improved player the past couple of years, and he still hasn’t seemed to have reached his full potential.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is already one of the most dynamic players in the NBA on a given night. The fact that he’s so young at 21 years-old and still getting better is a scary prospect.

The Greek Freak followed-up the Cleveland game with another monster performance against the Brooklyn Nets. He had 23 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 steals and 2 blocks in the Bucks’ victory.

Since Antetokounmpo arrived on the scene in 2013, there have only seven players who have reached that same stat line. Antetokounmpo is the only player to do it even twice in these past four years. He has three such games, and he’s somehow done it twice in a row.

There are few players who can match that impact on the court right now. LeBron James can do that on a given night. Players like Kevin Durant, James Harden, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and Draymond Green can do it too. At worst, those players are All-Stars, All-NBA players, and awards finalists. Antetokounmpo is in that company now.

Fans shouldn’t expect streaks with stat lines of at least 23/8/8/4/2 to go on very long. What they can expect is a player who hasn’t just arrived – he’s reaching his next level of arrival.

Predicting the 2016 MLB offseason

The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings are upon us, as they will occur from December 4 to 8. This oftentimes is when blockbuster trades commence. In previous years, top stars of the league have been swapped like the Rick Porcello and Yoenis Cespedes trade. Top free agents commonly sign during this time as well. There are a lot of teams that can make or break the 2017 season during this week. Here are my predictions for the 2016 Winter Meetings.

1) Yoenis Cespedes will resign with the Mets.

Cespedes is one of the top free agents available in this free agency period.  The 31 year-old is in his prime and ready to cash in with a team. Last offseason, Cespedes was very close to coming to a deal with the Nationals before the Mets offered him a contract that he could opt out of after just one year. He will entertain contract offers from the Nationals and others to resign with the New York Mets.

2) There will be lots of talk surrounding Mike Trout, but the Angels will not pull the trigger

The Angels are not in a good position right now. Their team is full of aging veterans with large contracts to their names. They still owe Jared Weaver, Ricky Nolasco, and C.J. Wilson a combined 46 million dollars next season, along with the monstrous contract that Albert Pujols is earning. The Angels also do not have much of a farm system to lean back on either. In reality, they have two options: they can either trade Trout and receive a plethora of prospects, or they can wait it out and hope he re-signs with them and can build a team around him. Trout will not be a free agent until the winter of 2021, but the longer the Angels wait, the less value they will get from him. The Angels will receive some hefty offers, but they will continue to hold off on losing the best player in baseball.

3) The Detroit Tigers will be sellers

The Tigers are coming off of two straight years of missing the playoffs and some big changes are coming their way. Standing still has not worked for them and this winter there are some big names that could be dropped. There has even been some discussion of former MVPs Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera. While I don’t think they will be in a deal, there is a definite possibility J.D. Martinez, Ian Kinsler, Victor Martinez, and Anibal Sanchez could all be moved by the end of the offseason. The Tigers are trying to shed money and GM Al Avila has already shown he is not afraid to pull the trigger on deals after Cameron Maybin was acquired by the Angels. Expect a lot of movement from the Tigers, if not in the Winter Meetings, then across the offseason.

4) The Dodgers will be among the most active teams.

The Dodgers lost to the Cubs in the NLCS, and they want to try and nab a World Series while trying to decrease payroll. The Dodgers have already expressed interest in upgrading at second base and starting pitching, and will more than likely not be able to retain both Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner. They have also been active sellers of Yasiel Puig. The Dodgers could also look into moving Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon McCarthy, and Scott Kazmir to help with the financial books. They have also expressed interest in some big names like Chris Sale and Aroldis Chapman. No one knows what they are up to, but expect a big splash to come from LA.

The Winter Meetings could be a make it or break it part of the offseason for MLB clubs. There are surely rumors that will fly around, the big fish in the market will be signed, and teams will make trades that will either help or haunt them for years to come. There is sure to be a lot of hype coming into the 2016 meetings, and with good reason. All 30 teams are looking to get back on top, hoping to parade through their city with the World Series trophy. It all starts here and now, be sure pay close attention to your team during the 2016 Winter Meetings.

Scorchin’ Hot Takes – Matthew Stafford: MVP of the NFL and My Heart

In my columns for this wonderful student newspaper, I don’t shy away from blatantly cheering for my home teams in the words I write. There’s no denying that I am often a complete “homer” for the Michigan Wolverines, Detroit Lions, Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings. So I know this month’s edition of Scorching Hot Takes might seem like an excuse to go full-on homer mode.

That’s not what I’m trying to do here. What I am trying to do is convince you to pay attention to one of the most special seasons of football I’ve ever seen from a quarterback. Matthew Stafford is a top 5 quarterback in the NFL this season, and he should be the MVP of the league. I don’t think it’s particularly close, and I will tell you why.

Of the Lions first 12 games, the team has won eight of them. The first seven of those victories came when the Lions were down in the fourth quarter and needed a late game drive and heroics from the quarterback. Stafford made clutch plays and led drives in all seven of those games to get the wins. If the Lions have a player other than Stafford at the helm, they lose probably half of those games. That’s how good he’s been.

Matthew Stafford has put the team on his back. For all of his career his gaudy stats have been credited to throwing the ball to Calvin Johnson, an athletic freak and one of the greatest wide receivers to ever touch a football field. Johnson retired last year. Marvin Jones, Eric Ebron and Golden Tate are good receiving options, but many thought Stafford would regress without Megatron. Nope. He got better.

After week 13 of the NFL season, Stafford ranks 10th in total yards, 8th in completion percentage and 6th in passer rating. He’s only thrown 5 interceptions on the year. He hasn’t thrown an interception in the red zone in two years. This is without the star receiver that people said “made” him good for so long.

It’s even more impressive when you look at who’s playing around Stafford. According to the advanced metric DVOA, the Lions have the second-worst defense in the entire NFL. Two people on his offensive line are in their first NFL seasons. The Lions have also dealt with a plethora of injuries on offense, including star running back Ameer Abdullah. So it’s not a stretch to say that Stafford has won games almost single handedly. The Lions are somehow playoff contenders with one of the nation’s worst defenses and a non existent running game. Defenses know the Lions will pass the ball, but they still can’t stop him.

That’s why he’s the MVP and it’s not even close. Other candidates haven’t had to carry the team like he did. The Patriots were able to win games without Tom Brady while he was suspended (even if Brady is having an incredible year). The Cowboys’ Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have an incredible overall offensive unit. Derek Carr of the Raiders has a strong defense to keep things in check if the offense struggles. The Falcons’ Matt Ryan has Julio Jones to throw to.

Those are all valuable players, but they’re not the most valuable players. Without those players, the teams likely still win games. Without Stafford, the Lions aren’t in the playoff picture. They’re probably not even in the conversation to end the season around .500. Without Stafford, this team could have been as bad as the 2008 Lions team (or the current Cleveland Browns team).

I admit I’m a Lions homer. I admit that I’ve waited since the team drafted Stafford with the No. 1 overall pick in 2009 to say he’s an MVP candidate. But it’s happening, and he deserves some love. Even if you don’t take the Detroit Lions seriously (and I’m not sure if you should), you can’t deny Stafford’s greatness this year.

The Right Man at the Helm?

By Ben Landvatter

The Wisconsin Badgers are coming off the most agonizing of their three agonizing loses to top ten teams this year, but the program is in the perfect hands. In fact, all three losses were by 7 points and were all games where Wisconsin had a chance to come away with a victory. The Badgers were making their 4th appearance in the six year span of the Big Ten Championship and had their eyes on not only a Big Ten Title, but possibly a birth in the College Football Playoffs.

Still, as it turned out, it would not have mattered as the committee chose Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington, leaving out Big Ten Champion Penn State. Wisconsin came into the game as 3.5 point favorite and for one half looked like a team destined to win their 15th Big Ten Championship, but Penn State made the stout Wisconsin defense look abysmal in a truly shocking 24-point second half performance. After the confetti had dropped, the Badgers were no longer looking at a trip to the playoffs or to Pasadena, but instead a trip to the Cotton Bowl to face undefeated Western Michigan.

In a conference with coaches like Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer it is tough to be known as a great coach, but Wisconsin’s head coach, Paul Chryst, should not be undermined. The Wisconsin football program has a bright future and is in the right hands. Chryst is in his second year as head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers, and has done nothing but impress fans and exceed expectations. The meek mannered, homegrown coach is the perfect fit for the Wisconsin program. Chryst was a quarterback at the university and the former offensive coordinator before leaving for the head coaching position at Pittsburg.  After Brett Bielema left for Arkansas following his victory in the Big Ten Championship in 2011 and Gary Anderson left after the 2014 Big Ten Championship loss, Wisconsin athletic Barry Alvarez made the perfect hire in Paul Chryst. His grind it out technique is the definition of Wisconsin football. There is nothing flashy about him or his teams, but they are well disciplined and get the job done. His teams never flinch through adversity and take on the tough-minded personality of their head coach.

Chryst is one of the most underrated coaches in college football. His players really enjoy playing for him and that shows in the way they speak about their head coach. Badger senior cornerback Sojourn Shelton said, “Not only is he a great coach, but his door is always open.” The keys to a great football program start with having the right guy as the head coach and Wisconsin has their guy. Even with a disappointing loss to Penn State in the Big Ten Championship game, the future for the Wisconsin football program looks bright because it is in the right hands for the first time since Barry Alvarez.