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Predicting the 2016 MLB offseason

The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings are upon us, as they will occur from December 4 to 8. This oftentimes […]

The Right Man at the Helm?

By Ben Landvatter The Wisconsin Badgers are coming off the most agonizing of their three agonizing loses to top ten […]

Meal Plan Pricing Unfair

College students cannot afford to live on campus and pay for multiple meals out of their own pocket. Some WLC […]

Driveway Parking Fee Unnecessary

By Justin Rippel Students living on campus at WLC should be able to park in their garage and driveway without […]

Commuters Want Parking Garage

One of the main reasons for building the parking garage was to help commuters because it was difficult to find […]

10 Classic WLC Student Experiences

By Mackenzie Francour    Walking up to a vending machines and seeing “MDB” can ruin your mood. With all the vending […]